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Need Volkswagen parts?

Order your BBT Volkswagen parts via Westy’s with 10% DISCOUNT and receive an EXTRA discount code via the mail that can be used in the Westy’s webshop!
Go to the menu and select Volkswagen and then BBT Shop or click


. The 10% discount is automatically applied to the products.
Shipping options:
Option 1: Have it shipped directly from BAT. This is probably faster and cheaper depending on the location. After the order you will receive the extra discount code via email from Westy’s.
Option 2: Have BBT parts shipped with a Westy’s order. This is especially interesting if the location is further away. To do this, please provide us with the BAT article codes. We will send the invoice. As soon as it has been paid, you will receive the extra discount code via email from Westy’s.
The discount code can be up to max. 20%. This depends on the total product value of BBT and does not include shipping costs.
up to €200 = 5% discount
from €201 to €300 = 10% discount
from €301 to €500 = 20% discount
The discount is valid for 12 months and can be used once on the entire Westy’s webshop!

Buy BBT parts with 10% discount here and receive an EXTRA discount coupon for Westy's!

Westy's discount for total product value BBT::
€200 = 5%
€300 = 10%
€500 = 20%

*Discount only applies to Westy’s products.

* Coupon is max. Valid for 12 months.

* BBT sent directly to the customer.